Rural Idyll | Eric Ravilious, the British illustrator and designer, career lasted only about 20 years, but during that time he created a body of work built on a school of painting in watercolor that had existed in this country since the 18th century. Like his predecessors, he handles that difficult medium with breathtaking assurance, using flat washes of subdued color to create simple, clearly defined forms. Shapes, patterns and textures are created through the modulation and control of tone. The son of a London antique dealer, Ravilious studied design at the Royal College under Paul Nash. By the later Twenties, he had mastered the art of wood engraving. … Richard Dorment continues 

Eric Ravillous (1903 – 1942)
The Long Man of Wilmington; The Wilmington Giant
Watercolor on paper 
Signed and dated ‘Eric Ravilious/August [19]39’.
Height: 44.2 cm, Width: 54.5 cm,  (sheet)
London, Victoria & Albert Museum,  Inv. P.3-1940 

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