Autonomous Structures | James Turrell | Via

The Autonomous Structures all originate from this first monumental project. Similarly to the crater’s chamber, each structure either host what Turrell defines “skyspaces” (openings toward the sky from a very small, enclosed space), or “ganzfeld” (fields of light which appear to dissolve the architectural space depth, its detail and color variations, to immerse the room in a mist of light).

The fifteen models of the “Autonomous Stuctures” have all been realized between 1989 and 2010 and visualise monuments of an out-of-time character, formal echoes of astral observatories of the past as well as monumental architectures of a Étienne-Louis Boullée or a Claude Nicolas Ledoux, while looking futuristic at the same time.

The Structures are intended as freestanding forms which would allow the desert light to reveal inside the space; they are types invented solely for the sake of experiencing light in a different form. Until today only four of these prototypes have been built in their real proportions.

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